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How I Became a Graphic Designer

To be honest, I never thought one day I will become a graphic designer. Being a graphic designer is not on the list of my dream job. However, that is the charm of life – You never know what will happen tomorrow.

I never took any drawing classes. Just like many kids did, I loved drawing. I usually drew kinds of ancient Chinese beauties with a lot of beautiful jewelries and different fancy hair styles.

Like many kids, I stop drawing later. I was busy with my school work. I started to draw when I came to USA.

When I just arrived USA, I felt bored. I started to read kids books to improve my English. I read a book about drawing cartoons. So I started to draw cartoons. Surprisingly, some people told me they liked my drawing.

From this video, you will see some of my cartoon drawing.

Fast forward. I decided to have a blog sharing my mandarin Chinese knowledge. For the social sharing purpose, I need make some pictures for my blog posts. From that moment, I started to know more about graphic design.

Again, when some people told me they liked my designs. I felt happy but confused. I decided to put some of my designs online to see if I can receive some likes. I did.

The rest is the history. I set up a store on a POD website. I feel honored that my designs become a part of many people’s lives.

Now being a graphic designer becomes my dream job. Of course, I still have a dream to be a writer sharing some interesting stories with the world. I will see what will happen tomorrow.