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Comic: My Immigration Story: Call ASAP

Comic: Call ASAP by Lin Gong @

When I was a new immigrant, English was very difficult for me. Even I learned English for more than ten years before I came to USA, my English was still very poor except my reading. I remember, every time when I asked the direction on the street, almost every one replied me with the same confused expression: “Excuse me”? 

To be honest, English is a very difficult language for us Chinese native speakers. No wonder I made a lot of jokes by accident.

In order to improve my English, I made great efforts. I read English books and watch English news TV almost every day. I tried to write my diaries in English. I tried to talk to any one who is friendly to me.  Slowly, I started to understand better. I now can write a post in English. 

Every immigrant has a lot of stories to tell. If you meet one of them, maybe you should ask them to tell their stories. I am sure many of them have great stories to tell.