Thank you for stopping by!  I am Lin Gong, the creator behind wenjr.com. I am a Chinese immigrant living in US. On this site, I shares ideas and  artistic creations through chic designs and cute drawings.

All of products on this site are one of a kind made to order and individually printed and processed mostly in US, and some products might be handled somewhere in Europe or South America depending on what you order.

I have been a store owner at an online marketplace for years. I feel honored my designs become a part of many people’s lives. I hope you like what you see here.

Some people asked me: What does wenjr mean? Well, “wen” is my favorite Chinese word meaning “culture”, “language,” “fine” etc. “jr” is for “Junior”.  My two kids are called Big Wen and Little Wen. To me, my online store is my baby too, so it is wenjr, the little little wen.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me I am curious what kind of questions you will have. Thank you. 

Have a happy day!