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Comic: My New Year Resolution and Body Image

What is your new year resolution? Guess what, every year, my new year resolution is losing weight. In many people’s eyes, I might look OK but I am definitely not a slender person. I know it. My friends and family constantly remind me for this. They keep telling me to lose weight to look more beautiful. I am sure you might have this kind of experience also.

Actually, many people, especially teen girls have somehow body issue problems. When I was a teen, I feel very bad about my body image also.

Don’t blame us for that. When we look around, especially on the media, what do we see? We see slender or skinny people everywhere. We are brainwashed to believe that being slender is the only right body image.

Luckily, more and more people realized this issue. Slowly, we start to see more diverse body images on the media. I applaud for this new trend.

Once in a while, when a friend complained her body looking to me, I comforted her: You look beautiful! If you have some weight but you keep a healthy lifestyle and you are healthy, having some extra weight shouldn’t annoy you that much. Of course, if gaining too much weight does affect your health, try to lose some weight to keep healthy.

Compared to being slender with a lot of pressure, being healthy and accepting who I am is more important. I like what I look now. I hope you like who you are too. You are so special. Cherish it!