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My Child’s Wish

Comic: My Child’s Wish by Lin Gong @

What is your child’s wish? Did you ever ask this question? If not, maybe you should ask your child today. You might hear some wonder answers as I did.

We were all little kids before. Unfortunately, when we become parents, we often forgot what we really wanted when we were little.

When I was a little girl, I like to draw everywhere, on the paper, table, floor and wall. I wished to be an artist if possible. Soon I gave up this idea because I was told being an artist means being hungry. Being an artist can’t support a family.

The funny thing is, after many years, I started to draw again. I seem can’t forget the dream I had as a little girl. I might be hungry but I feel happy.

What is your wish? Maybe it is your turn to ask yourself this question. Make a list. Start to do something you really like. Life is so short, enjoy it to fullest as you wish. Good luck!