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The Meaning of Life

I read a post online. A worried Chinese mom asked people how she can help her daughter answer a question: What is the meaning of life? Since her daughter can’t find the answer, she started to self hurt herself.

So what is the meaning of life? Did you ever ask yourself? I did when I was 12 years old.

I never thought about this kind of question until one day I witnessed my grandma passed away in front of me.  

I was 12. Before that day, I never realized that one day a person would die. So I was very scared, confused and shocked. In the following days, I can’t sleep. I didn’t want to eat.  I was depressed.

During many sleepless nights, I asked myself: What should I do? How can I prolong my life? Later, I seemed to find a solution: Work hard to be a famous person. After I die , people might still remember me, so I will still “live” in the world in another way.

Many years passed. I am still an unknown person. However, I have accepted the fact that I will die one day.  I realized death is a part of life, we can’t avoid it, and we have to learn how to face it.

In some sense, “death” is a great teacher to remind us how precious the life is. Without death, we won’t realize how lucky it is to have a chance to live.

So what is the meaning of life if the life ending is death?

Everyone has his own answer. My answer is: Cherish every moment I have. Create a meaningful life journey as I wish. Make the world a bit better because of my existence.

With years passing by, I accept the fact that I am just another ordinary Jane. However, I am happy with who I am. After all, in some sense, an ordinary Jane’s life is the typical real human being life.

I know many people are still seeking the meaning of life. I hope you will find your answer soon. Life is the best gift we received. Take this chance to create a meaningful life journey. Take advantage of this opportunity to create a better world for the people. Cherish the life. Make it shine!