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How to Be Happy

Are you happy? I hope you are. If you are unhappy sometimes, it is normal. After all, we are humans. We have up and down moods. However, if you are constantly unhappy, maybe you should pay attention to this issue. If this issue is getting serious, I suggest you seek a professional health worker for help.

How to be happy? If you search this topic online, you might find tons of helpful answers. In this post, I am going to share my ideas about this topic. Hope it is helpful.

  1. Think about life as a whole journey. 

Life is precious, however, many times it is not easy. There are all kinds of challenges and uncertain factors. When we are in difficult times, for example, failing an important exam, losing a job, being sick, etc, we feel worried and unhappy.

Many times it is our human’s normal reaction, however, if we could jump out of the current state and think about these issues from a whole life perspective, we might find these so-called current serious issues might not be that serious at all.

I remember, when I was a teen, I got a terrible college admission score, and as a result, I couldn’t go to my dream college. I was so depressed and refused to eat and sleep. For one week, I lost 5 pounds.

When I look back now, I want to tell the past me: It is OK. It is not a big deal. Failing an important exam is not the end of the world. It is just a part of life experiences.

Many times, people are unhappy because they are stuck in the current situation. They think the current situation might stay forever. Many times it is not. There are all kinds of available solutions for the problem. You just need to take action to find the solution. If you lost a job, try to find another one. If you can’t go to your dream college, you could choose another college. If you are sick, find the reason why and seek more help.

No matter how difficult it might be, in many years, when you look back, these difficult times might not be as bad as you thought.

When you are in a difficult time, tell yourself, everything will be fine. Be positive. Be happy. In your whole life journey, all of these unhappy issues are just a part of your life experiences. They are part of the reasons why your life is so special and unique.

2. Accept yourself. Be grateful for what you have.

Many people have difficulty accepting themselves. They always dream of being someone else. They like to compare their lives with others who seem to have better lives than theirs.  They are unsatisfied with everything they currently have. No wonder they are unhappy.

No matter what, we all have something we feel proud of. Someone might be poor but he has a loving and supportive family.  Someone might have a tiny house but his house is so beautiful.  Someone might think she doesn’t look beautiful, but to some people, she is a beauty.

Many people just ignore what they have. They always seek something they don’t have. They think, that once they get the stuff such as fame or wealth, they will be happier. It is true, that being famous or wealthy could make some people feel happy, but being famous or wealthy also has some negative effects. In this world, no one has a perfect life. No one. We are humans. We all have human happiness and concerns.

There is also another problem. No matter how mad you want to be someone, the fact is you can never be that one. You are just yourself. If you wasted your precious time dreaming of being someone else, why not spend your time improving yourself to be the special yourself?

A happy person focuses on what he has, an unhappy one always focuses on what he doesn’t have. What is your choice?

3. Love yourself. Follow your heart to live the way you wish to live. 

If we wish to be happy, we have to learn how to love ourselves. We have to accept who we are. We should feel proud of ourselves. We need to forgive ourselves for those mistakes we made. we have to respect the voice of our hearts and live in the way we wish.

I know, many times it is hard to follow our heart to have a life as we wish. There are a lot of fears and challenges to get over. However, if your final goal is being happy, I am sure you will make the right choice for yourself. You might lose something, but you gain peace in your heart.

Real happiness is having a peaceful mindset. Many times we lost the peace. We work so hard trying to find peace from the outside. We forget that peace is just lying in our hearts. We need spare time to face up our hearts honestly. Once you are honest with yourself, you will know, that if you wish to be happy, following your real desire to live as you wish could make you happy.

As I said, it is OK to be unhappy sometimes. It is OK to cry alone. You don’t need to be happy all the time. You just need to know: When you are unhappy, ask yourself why to find the reason, tell yourself, everything will be fine.

You have choices. You have the power. You could choose to be happy or unhappy. I hope you choose to be happy. After all, we can smile only when we are alive. Once we were dead, we couldn’t smile anymore. Keep smiling!

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