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What I Read

I am a bookworm. As a book reader, we all know, there are a lot of good books but also many average books. I share what I read and share the books that I like. Hopefully, this book list will save you the time to find the books you love.

Some links might have affiliate links. If you purchase through the link, I might get a small commission but I will always give my honest opinions. Enjoy your reading. 

Business Books

  1. Starting a Business 101 by Michele Cagan 
    If you are thinking about starting a business but have no idea where to start, you can read this book to get a basic idea about what you should do. 

  2. The Million-Dollar, One-Person Business by Elaine Pofeldt
    Thanks to the Internet and the development of technology, now a person can operate a business with a lot of help. This book interviewed successful one-person business owners and provided a lot of good ideas and practical methods. 

  3. Working in the Gig Economy by Thomas Oppong
    If you are thinking about working for yourself and have no idea how to start, this book covers various topics of doing business as one person. These topics include finding clients, staying productive, maintaining the finances, etc. 

Art Books 

  1. The Simple Secret to Better Painting by Greg Albert
    This book shares some very useful and simple rules about how to draw better. It is also a good book to help people how to appreciate a painting better from a creator’s perspective. 

  2. Dynamic Acrylics by Soraya French
    If you are interested in acrylic painting, this book helps you to get a basic idea and various method on acrylic painting. 

  3. Bold Expressive Painting by Annie Gonzales
    If you like expressive painting and hope to develop your style one day, this book is a good choice. There are detailed step-by-step drawing processes and some good ideas to help you get started. 

  4. The Joy of Acrylic Painting by Annie Gonzales
    This book is a good choice for someone who loves expressive acrylic mixed-media painting. This book covers finding inspirations, color theories, and detailed drawing processes with many pictures.  
  5. Painted Botanical Collage by Tracey English
    If you are interested in collage, this book focuses on botanical collage and you will get a basic idea about how to create your botanical collage from scratch. 

  6. Cut Paper Pictures by Clover Robin
    This book is about papering cutting and collage. From this book, you will get some good ideas about creating your textured paper and start to create artwork with the paper. 

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