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How to Give a Right Gift

The holiday season is here. It is time to shop for gifts for your family and friends. In this post, I am going to talk about how to give the right gift. 

Why do I want to talk about this topic? Some time ago, I read a post on a FB local group. A person posted a photo and asked if someone would like to get a drum for free. The poster said it was a gift from his friend who bought this nice-looking drum from China. Based on the image, the drum looks very nice and high quality, however, you can see, that the drum seems never to be touched. This poster’s Chinese friend bought the wrong gift.

I also read a post online. Someone complained that she received a lot of useless gifts during Christmas time and has no idea about how to handle these gifts she might never use. 

Buying the wrong gifts happens all the time. It happens to my husband. He bought me a bottle of perfume and I never used it. It still stays on the bookshelf collecting dust. It happens to me too. I bought a harmonica for my nephew and found out he isn’t interested in playing it at all. Then how to buy the right gift? Here are some of my ideas.

Buying the right gift for the right person.

Before you buy a gift, make sure who you are going to give the gift to, a mom who loves sewing or she loves cooking? A dad who loves to be home reading books or he loves exploring outside all the time? A girl who loves drawing or she loves sports? Once you know the receiver better, you can buy something he likes.  

If you have no idea of the receiver’s interest, then buy something he might use mostly, like a mug, a quality canvas bag, a beautiful scarf, a nice graphic shirt, etc. It is also a nice idea to buy a bunch of flowers. However, the flower bouquet can’t last long, unless it is for a special event, a long-lasting item will be a better choice. 

If you are not sure if you have bought the right gift, don’t worry, there is a solution. When you give the gift, give the purchase receipt as well. If the receiver doesn’t like the gift, he can go to the store to return the item to get a refund if it is allowed.  

Providing the experience instead of buying physical goods. 

A gift is not limited to a physical item, it can be an experience too. For example, you can invite your special one to celebrate his birthday at a nice restaurant or you host a birthday party at your house. If your friend loves skating, then buying a skating ticket and going skating with him together would be a great idea. Many times, an interesting unforgettable experience is a better gift. 

Handmade a special gift.

If you are good with your hands, you can make a unique gift like hand drawing a nice Christmas card, baking a birthday cake, or knitting a warm sweater. If you are not good with your hands, you can buy a custom mug, or a custom card, a custom item with the receiver’s name. No one can refuse a well-considered handmade special one-of-a-kind gift.

Giving a Gift card or red envelope. 

No one can deny a nice well-considered gift. However, not everyone knows how to buy the right gift or has the time to buy the right gift, in this case, a gift card or red envelope is a better choice.

Before you give a gift card, make sure you choose the right store gift card. A coffee shop gift card might be welcomed by a coffee lover, however, it might be a sweet burden for a non-coffee lover. As I mentioned before, before you give a gift card, make sure you know who you are giving. 

What is a red envelope? A red envelope is a red envelope with money inside the envelope, it is a Chinese tradition to give money for the New Year or special events like birthdays, weddings,s, etc. It is a great choice if you have no idea how to buy the right gift or have no time to shop around. Since it is just cash inside, it is welcomed by almost everyone, so the receiver can buy whatever he wants. 

Giving or receiving a gift is a pleasant life experience. If you could give the right gift or you receive the right gift, as a giver or receiver, no doubt, you feel better. If you have no idea how to give the right gift, I hope this post is helpful. 

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