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How to Have a Happy Relationship

 Everyone knows that having a happy relationship is very important. However, many people just don’t know how to keep and maintain a happy relationship with their special one. In this blog, I share what I learned from my marriage and many others’ marriage stories. I hope this post is helpful for you. 

  1. Be a happy person.

 No one can make you happy if you are unhappy all the time. If you wish to have a happy relationship, you need to have the ability to create happiness yourself. Never depend on anyone to bring you happiness. 

 I read many posts online. Usually, one complains about how his partner makes him so unhappy. The truth is, as an independent person, you have the choice to make yourself happy. If you choose to be affected by your partner’s negative behaviors or words, that is your own choice. 

Don’t forget you are the one choosing your current partner. If you dislike your partner, you still have the choice to divorce him.  

If you wish to have a happy relationship, be a happy person to bring happiness into the relationship. If your partner is a reasonable person, I am sure he will feel the positive happy vibes you bring and will be happy to create a happy relationship together.  

2. Find your Mr. Right.

 Many times, a relationship doesn’t work. It is not because you or your partner is a bad person, it is just because you are not right for each other. Having a Mr. Right makes a relationship much easier. 

If you wish to have a happy relationship, you need to find the matching one who is willing to work with you to create a happy relationship you both want to have. In this sense, it is very important to find your Mr. Right.

The truth is, when people are looking for Mr. Right, they are looking for something wrong. A man might only look for a beautiful woman and ignore her personality. A woman might just look for a tall, rich, and handsome man and forget that a caring and responsible man is more valuable. 

 Don’t rush to find someone. Take your time to know what you want. Try to be a person with something to offer. When you look for someone, focus on his personality. I am sure, that when you find the right one, having a happy relationship is just a natural result.

3. Appreciate your partner.

There are many people in your life journey, only a few will stay in your life, your partner is one of the few persons. Appreciate what your partner did for you, don’t take everything for granted. 

Do you still remember the very beginning when you fell in love with your partner? You remember almost everything nice he did and you also try to do something nice for him too. That is why you decided to get married, right?

However, when people get married for long, they seem to forget the spark they had for each other. Many people start to take everything for granted. They forget to appreciate what their partners do for them. 

Don’t forget your partner was just a stranger to you before he met you. Ask yourself: Will you be rude to a stranger? I am sure most people will not. Then why are you so rude to someone who stays in your life and does so many things for you? 

Try to appreciate your partner now with a sincere thank you and try to do more for your partner. I am sure you will find having a happy relationship is not that hard at all.

4. Never say harsh words.

You can’t take those harsh words back once you say it. If you have to say something, say something nice first. 

I know it is not easy to never say harsh words, after all, we are humans and we all have feelings. If you do say something bad, say sorry to your partner and try not to say harsh words next time. 

The good thing is, when you stop saying harsh words, guess what, your partner will stop saying harsh words too. If he still says bad words to hurt you when you are saying something nice, he must be an unreasonable person. Then why still stay with him then?

5. Create romantic moments.

Do something small but romantic for your partner like saying something nice, cooking a nice meal, or sending a love card. All these small things will make your relationship sweeter. 

You don’t need to spend a fortune to be a romantic person. If your partner always wishes you to spend big money on him, then he might not be the right one for you. A happy relationship is just about the connection. Try doing something small but nice will make your relationship stronger.  

6. Accept your partner as who he is.

Don’t try to change your partner. If you do love your partner, accept him as who he is or just leave him to someone who will accept him as who he is.  

No one is perfect. Your partner is not perfect. You are not perfect either. If you love your partner, try to accept him as a whole package. If you can’t, stop complaining and leave your partner to someone who will love him. 

However, I have to say, if your partner is doing something really bad or he is seriously addicted to something like drugs or gambling, smoking, etc, you have to decide if it is worth staying in this relationship.  

Life is a lonely journey in itself. A life with a happy relationship makes life an enjoyable journey.  I wish you a happy relationship with your loved one!

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